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I ordered an “invisible air conditioner” and it was delivered and neatly hung. It functions. The house is cooled and I don’t need an outdoor unit!



The entire route to arrive at a final offer & installation in-house went very smoothly. In addition, the technicians show that they are professionals. In preparation, implementation and completion.

Ton Mulder


Invisible Airco does what it promises. All agreements are fulfilled and the installation is done very neatly. Everything is in consultation. Installer will not leave until we are satisfied with the result.

Rob Nome

Why you choose for Invisible Airco?

Summers are getting warmer. This has created a growing need for cooling through airconditioning in recent years. In many situations there is no option for installing an outdoor unit or you may be dependent on permission from an homeowners’ association or permits.

The solutions that Invisible Airco offers are specially designed for these situations.
It is our ambition to allow everyone to enjoy a comfortable indoor climate without the concession of not being allowed to install an outdoor unit. Because you also deserve to enjoy a pleasant personal living environment.

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Where does Invisible Airco makes the difference?

Compared to an air conditioner with an outdoor unit, Invisible Airco offers an air conditioner without an outdoor unit. You can expect the following benefits:


    Harmonious design and optimal living comfort


    No permit or permission from the homeowners’ association (VvE) required


    No outdoor unit is required
    so everything is integrated in-house


    No noise pollution, no complaints from the neighbors


    Easy to install in both new and existing (monumental) buildings or apartments

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    The quality of our airconditioners without an outdoor unit

    We have years of experience with our top quality materials. Depending on your situation and wishes, we will make the right choices together with you.
    In terms of finish and appearance, we can go in almost any direction. Feel free to challenge us!

    “We are happy to help you achieve the best results for you and fulfill your expectations.”

    Customization is standard

    Installing an Invisible Airco is professional work. Every project is different and requires specific solutions. We help you make the right choices to achieve the best results. Our professionals have years of experience that allow them to make that difference. That is our challenge, every time and tailor-made.