Our specific air conditioning solution without an outdoor unit for apartments

Existing apartments

It is getting warmer due to climate change. Many existing apartments are not built for this. Due to a high insulation value and many windows, the heat easily enters but is difficult to dissipate afterwards.

Placing an air conditioner is often not permitted, obtaining an approval through the VvE often is a difficult, frustrating and long-term process, or there is simply too little space on the balcony.

Invisible Airco supplies air conditioning solutions without an outside area, ideal for existing apartments!

New build apartments

When purchasing a new-build apartment, the project developer takes into account the installation of necessary installation systems such as underfloor heating and heat recovery (HRV) ventilation systems.

These systems are usually insufficient to effectively cool the apartment. In addition, the placement of an air conditioning system on the balcony or roof terrace is not permitted by the project developer.

Invisible Airco is able to supply air conditioning solutions that do not require the placement of an outdoor unit. If feasible, the installation work can be performed integrally during the construction phase, but this can also be carried out after completion.

Our solution

When placing an outdoor unit is not an option

Wall mount room unit

The wall mount unit of the Invisible Airco system is connected to the condenser via pipes, this unit is located in the room or areas that must be treated.

This innovative model is equipped with a filter that purifies the air and optimizes the humidity.


Beautiful, harmonious design with low noise


Wireless control via mobile app (iOS and Android)


Cleaner, healthier air for small children and the elderly


In addition to wall mount room unit, alternative indoor parts are also possible for built-in and/or ceiling units

Condenser split unit

The condenser is the engine of the system. The various finishing units (such as the wall mount unit) are controlled from the condenser. A total of 4 finishing units can be linked to 1 condenser.

This unit can usually be installed in the technical room of the apartment.




Quiet and small in size


Installation completely indoors


Excellent solution in historic city centers


High efficiency due to DC inverter technology

Prices starting from €4.999

(including VAT and installation)

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